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Learn How To Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

Any essay writing can only be successful if it has the following flow in its content. The logical shifting of paragraphs make an essay seem mature and sophisticated. A good piece of writing needs to be incorporated with the needed and required factors to boost up its quality. Today students are not even able to write a quality essay just because they are busy using their IPhones and Smart phones. They are not good readers and thus their ability to contribute in the field of literature is on a decline.

Writing a good essay with its indispensable factors that make it a good read, is not really difficult or impossible at all. You can write, make a mistake, learn by it and write again to bring improvement. A student is not ready to write today because of the information flooding. He can see and read everything on internet or his screen of the laptop etc. But all of the students lack the intellectual level they should have acquired with this flood of information.

It is very necessary for a student to practice essay writing as in the upcoming higher classes he will be required to write research papers and other very advanced level academic tasks. Essay is an academic task that aims to enable the student to be able to cope up with that level of academic difficulty when he is in a bachelors or a Degree program. You can write a wonderful essay if it is written by following this logical sequence of paragraph.

1. Introduction

You need to introduce your topic, subject or title of the essay. Your introduction should look like an introduction and the beginning of an essay needs to depict a specific decorum and if you don’t maintain that introductory decorum then the reader may find it absurd. Some students start to mention the main thematic idea of their essay right in the beginning while every piece of writing is supposed to begin with an introductory message.

2. Plot

After a brief introductory paragraph the next thing should be your story plot. Start to write in a way that your plot is easily established and the story or characters are mentioned etc. This is the part of your essay that does not have to be very explanatory instead it should be concise and precise.

3. Main body

This paragraph will be of explanatory nature and would require you to write as much as required to make points, use several literary devices to portray and convey your message in an efficient yet literary manner.

4. Thematic preference

The climax of the essay should be in the 4th paragraph if it is consisted of 5 paragraphs. You can simply end your essay in a meaningful fashion here. The climax should be the part where your essay should end and beyond it you can be boring therefore this 4th essay should be the ending part of story.

5. Conclusion

While the 5th paragraph should be based on an analytical view on the essay that describes the happenings in the essay and what message does it convey to the readers. How this essay is a good lesson or message to the masses etc.


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