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Win in ARAM (All Random All Mid): Tips and Tricks

There is a good reason why ARAM mode is very popular among League of Legends players, it is super fun and gives you a chance to practice many champions! Since it is All Random, you can learn more about the champions that you barely play, which can benefit you in your ranked games. Moreover, you get a chance to practice your mechanical skills enormously since ARAM meta is all about fast gameplay. But even this game mode is not ranked, getting a win rather than a defeat from ARAM definitely gives a lot more joy.

Answering the question “how to win in ARAM?” cannot be specifically answered since everyone gets their champions randomly in this game mode. And due to the design of the mode, champion classes matter less than an ordinary League of Legends game. So by playing with a random champion which probably is not one of your mastered champions, can be very challenging and fun at the same time. 

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use in Howling Abyss:

1- Don’t go AFK in Selection

You don’t have to try to analyze your whole team’s structure, but checking through your teammate’s champions very briefly to check possible combinations would benefit you a lot. Also, you should check runes, masteries. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about the champion you are going to play with, just try to read and learn its abilities including both active and passive. This could be a game-changer, the more you know about yourself and your teammates the better.

2- Try to Keep your HP Up

Engaging in offensive and defensive fights with a high level of HP is really crucial in ARAM. Unlike casual LoL games, you cannot run back to base and fill your HP bar in the foundation. So you need to try to keep your HP up and avoid unnecessary fights. If you get harassed by enemy champions too much while trying to get some CS, you will end up dying too quickly in a team fight which may make your team lose that fight. But don’t stay away from the action to protect your HP too much! To get a win in ARAM engaging in fights is essential.

3- Try to Get Many CS as Possible

Howling Abyss surely has a much different design, but you should still aim for one of the most important goals in League of Legends: Try to get as much CS as possible. Surely you need to focus on this in the early stages of the game because the gold starts to lose its value towards the 20th minute of the game. ARAM might have much faster gameplay that makes it harder to get gold from minions but getting good items earlier will benefit you in the late stages!

4- Beware of the Poking Enemy Champions!

Everyone gets their champions randomly in ARAM, but in some cases, you might be so unlucky that the enemy team can fully consist of poking champions. These champions can harass you and your teammates a lot with their abilities and leave you with a low HP level. There can also be many enemy champions that have skill-shot abilities!

So to get a win in ARAM in this situation, you should keep your patience and try to spend the early stages of the game behind your tower. Otherwise, the team can easily initiate and get many kills from the early minutes which would ruin the entire game. After 15-20 minutes, the enemy team will be tired of trying to poke you and you will have your items which will make you strong. With these advantages, you will have a high chance of winning the team fights and the game. Extra tip: new accounts give you more space to practice. You should take a look at the best place to buy league of legends accounts to dominate the entire League of Legends!

5- Dying is not the End in ARAM, Don’t Be Afraid of it!

Dying in ranked by enemy gangs or in team fights can be devastating and a game-changer in ranked LoL games. When you die in a ranked LoL game, you miss the opportunity to get more CS, kills, and help your teammates in any way. However, in ARAM this is not really the case. Since it has much faster gameplay, dying in ARAM is sometimes just inevitable. You should face this and don’t get upset too much when you die. 

In fact, dying in ARAM is sometimes beneficial: If you are in the late stages of the game don’t run from a team fight with low HP! Just die in the team fight, so that in the next action you will not have a low HP. You should remember this in the heat of the moment, and remind your mind that the mode you are playing is ARAM, not a ranked LoL game.

Riot Games Is On The NEXT Level

Riot shocks us again with the coolest update of the 2021. Check out the incredible animation below and lets discuss it!

Th story goes deeper into the details of Akshan saving the world, it incredibly nicely merges with a lvoe story of King falling in love with a seamstress. They got married, but like most marriages it didn’t last. On top the mix in the tragic death, anger and a desire to create a revenge and recover things back to normal.
Interestingly enough the animation also mentions champions like Lucian, Senna and Thresh.
And with the power of imagination they implement a time-travel effect of king coming back alive in a younger form. A king who is back to look for his lost Queen.

WoW! Riot are taking their lore to the next level with all these cross-events and plot twists.

In the end we can see a strong and clear message from RIOT about 2 champions – “Lucian and Senna will not stop Viego alone”, therefore they will need to recruit more Sentinels Of the Light! A big hint toward more champions coming out very soon.

I hope you are as excited for the new champions as we are!

-Dave M.