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An Essay on Homework

Homework is one of the essential parts of the education system and students have to complete their homework at any cost. Teachers don’t listen to any excuse and give poor grades to those who fail to submit their home assignments on time. Nowadays, the life of students has become much tougher and challenging. It is not easy for them to focus on all of their assigned tasks along with other academic responsibilities. Also, study is not the only thing which they do, there are other various important things in life which they do and required to do. The current education system is seriously making the lives of our kids, hell. After spending a lot of time at schools, there is no point of engaging them again with studies at home.

According to teachers, homework writing is not a burden on students at all. It is the opportunity for them to work again on those concepts which they fail to completely understand in the class. Many teachers think that homework is totally beneficial for them and there is nothing wrong in giving it to students on daily basis. But many kids hate doing homework and it is not easy for parents to build their interest in doing it. How will you divert the attention of your child from cartoon to homework? How will you motivate your kid to study after spending a long day outside? In all these scenarios, parents’ duty doubles up but sometimes they get success and sometimes they fail to encourage them.

Let’s suppose home assignments are beneficial for kids but too much homework can never benefit them. There are many teachers who just release their burden by giving complex exercises to students to do at home and focus on the simple questions and exercises in the class. There are also many who give assignments to complete their course before the end of the semester. But whatever the reason is, if teachers are required to give homework, they don’t have to put an excessive load on students. Homework has become the basic factor of stress, anxiety, and depression in students. It is really a cruel practice to put the burden on such small shoulders in the form of homework. Why schools and teachers consider home assignments as important and beneficiary for kids? There is no satisfying answer at all.

Homework not only exerts extra pressure on kids as they are always associated with harsh deadlines, the late night sittings to complete the homework also forces kids to have improper sleep. We all know that proper sleep is very much important for kids and those students who don’t get an adequate amount of night sleep daily, face various mental and physical problems.

Improper sleep and less physical activities are making our kids unhealthy. Due to the extra load of homework, they spend most of their time on their studying tables so how can they possibly stay healthy. They spend 6 to 7 hours in school and also spend most of their time in completing their homework at home so how could they stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Physical activities are mandatory for kids. Experts say that physical activities are much more important than studying because with proper body movements, the cognitive performance of the kids also gets enhanced. Their attention period increases, their memory enhances and they perform better in class.

We are not totally against the home assignments and there are also some schools and teachers that give less or no assignments to their students. On the other hand, there are also various benefits of homework if they are creative, unique and project based. These home assignments are very beneficial for those kids who are weak in studies and take their time in understanding various concepts related to different subjects. Also, there are many students who do not consider homework as boring and complete their work efficiently and effectively.

In the end, homework is the most important part of our education system and it cannot be eliminated at any cost. Actually, teachers do exactly what school administrators ask them to do. These are the culprits who give a plan to teachers to assign excessive homework to students.

Homework is not bad at all but the frequency and amount of homework must be reviewed. Also, there is a need to make the assignments more challenging and interesting. Moreover, teachers should avoid giving lengthy and complicated homework. It is the responsibility of the parents to check the quantity of homework. There is a need to give purposeful homework to kids to provide them constant opportunities to learn. It is also essential for parents to give proper attention towards their studies. They should spend an hour with their kids every day to keep a track of their progress and to help them complete their homework.


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