Although most of our customers do not need to ask us generic questions because they use us quite frequently but there is a huge number of new customers who have a generic list of questions. Everyone using us for the first time usually has the same list of queries. We believe that all such skeptics should be clarified right on our website and to do that we are answering those generic and common questions that you may have in your mind if using us for the first time. If you still have the need of talking to a representative and get all the answers then we are ready to assist you.

The trust factor

Reliability is the problem when this is your first time with us as those who have been using us for over years don’t really worry about this. An online educational company that has served thousands of students doesn’t really need to prove its legitimacy but still we feel it is our duty to satisfy you at crest. Therefore we offer you to pay us the minimum amount of your order to get started and once you see the work coming your way and you are sure that we truly delivery work you can pay rest of the cost.

Who are the writers?

The writers are well qualified professional experts who know what it takes for an assignment to get passed. Your homework needs an academic essence that can only be brought by a skilful individual. This is the reason why we believe that qualified academic writers are the backbone of our services. To ensure highest level of quality we maintain different departments titled with different areas of research. For physics we have a dedicated department of writers and for business as well and just like that for several areas of research we have dedicated teams of writer. If you order for a homework based on the subject of nursing you will only get a relevant writer qualified in the same discipline.

Time line.

Our writers are working in 3 shifts and thus we have the capability of getting your homework ready within the shortest time line possible. Sometimes the order urgency we get is of 2 – 3 hours and with the grace of our competent and speedy writers we manage to undertake the responsibility of delivery at such pace. Deadlines are usually met and if at instances there is a possible delay expected the customer is immediately contacted and informed about it.

Do we guarantee an A grade?

Since every student cannot possibly get an A grade due to some uncontrollable factor. A student may comprehend the guidelines wrongly and his idea of the paper instructions may be different than what actually was required by the college or university. Due to this factor of information accuracy we never guarantee such a grade but our written homework papers have managed to achieve great results. This is the reason why we never guarantee or promise something that cannot be practically possible to deliver.


High quality work demands a valuable pricing structure but unlike the rule our prices are way too low than many online services that are offering great quality homework help. We provide discounts as well and students can also pay in installments. To discuss all this you should use our contact us page now and place an order.

Payment method

The payment has to be made before the writing process starts and thus this step can cause a delay in the delivery of work if the payment is delayed. You can use your debt/credit card with a visa or masters logo on it. We also accept Paypal and all our payment processors are cent percent secure and reliable.

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