Riot Games Is On The NEXT Level

Riot shocks us again with the coolest update of the 2021. Check out the incredible animation below and lets discuss it!

Th story goes deeper into the details of Akshan saving the world, it incredibly nicely merges with a lvoe story of King falling in love with a seamstress. They got married, but like most marriages it didn’t last. On top the mix in the tragic death, anger and a desire to create a revenge and recover things back to normal.
Interestingly enough the animation also mentions champions like Lucian, Senna and Thresh.
And with the power of imagination they implement a time-travel effect of king coming back alive in a younger form. A king who is back to look for his lost Queen.

WoW! Riot are taking their lore to the next level with all these cross-events and plot twists.

In the end we can see a strong and clear message from RIOT about 2 champions – “Lucian and Senna will not stop Viego alone”, therefore they will need to recruit more Sentinels Of the Light! A big hint toward more champions coming out very soon.

I hope you are as excited for the new champions as we are!

-Dave M.

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